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There is only love, and love is all there is

Maria Felipe is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light, which she uses to help people quiet their mind, hear their inner guidance, and connect to God. Maria has taken her love as a Reverend and student of the Course In Miracles to create her own channel on You Tube by hosting MariaCoconut TV, a show geared toward inspiring, sharing, and expanding the message of love by interviewing other Spiritual leaders. Her passion to inspire others helped her start the first Spanish ministry at Unity of Burbank where she also speaks on rotation at the English service. Maria also can be seen on TV, Film, Commercials and modeling both nationally and internationally.

Originally from Miami, she moved to pursue her dreams in Hollywood, as an Actress and Model, after great success in her field she felt called inward. After a series of events in her life she was encouraged to become a Reverend at Pathways of Light based on A Course In Miracles. She had always been deeply moved by the teachings of A Course In Miracles and jumped in.

She continued with her studies, acting, and hosting, and in 2012 she was officially ordained as a Reverend. Her passion continues as she brings forward her talents as a host, actress, and Reverend. And her life continues to be guided by the inner light of God.

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