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About Chellie Campbell

Chellie Campbell – Financial Stress Reduction Expert

Chellie Campbell is the creator of the popular Financial Stress Reduction® Workshops now taught as an 8-week telecourse attended by people from all over the world.

The author of The Wealthy Spirit and Zero to Zillionaire, she is one of Marci Shimoff’s “Happy 100” in her New York Times bestseller “Happy for No Reason” and contributed stories to Jack Canfield’s books “You’ve Got to Read This Book!” and “Life Lessons from Chicken Soup for the Soul.”

Chellie was president of the LA Chapter of National Association of Women Business Owners, WRS Lifetime Member and winner of the WRS Member of the Year
and WRS Spirit Awards, voted “Most Inspirational Speaker” by Women in Management, “Speaker of the Year” by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and “Rotarian of the Year” by the Pacific Palisades Rotary Club.

Chellie is also prominently quoted as a financial expert in The Los Angeles Times, Pink, Good Housekeeping, Lifetime, Essence, Woman’s World and more than 50 popular books. For more information on her workshops, speaking engagements, books, and free ezine, visit

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About Shirley Polak


Shirley Polak – Mind coach and Dynamic Speaker

If you are ready to better your life – Shirley Polak can help.

Here’s a little note from Shirley:

As a Certified Mind Coach for over 12 years, I teach people on how to use their minds to get what they want from life!

You all use your minds from the moment you wake up in the morning till the moment you wake up in the morning.
You all make non-stop conversations with yourselves that don’t really serves you or takes you anywhere any more.
You live in an auto-pilot and in your a comfort zone.
You are not focused, clear and fearless.
You name it…

If you want to keep moving, be better, wake up and live the life you really want.. Start using your mind better!

It takes only between 3 – 6 months to create your new you.

Call me for a FREE “Get – Acquainted” Call 310-691-6080.
See how Mind Coaching can help you and if we are a good fit.

Visit Shirley Polak’s website:

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About Adam Timm

Adam Timm is a stress management consultant, meditation coach, award-winning speaker and best-selling author. A 9-1-1 operator for a decade, Adam struck a breaking point six years into his career. Stress had consumed him, causing daily tension headaches, regular bouts of acid indigestion, and bringing general feelings of misery. Ah, the life of the chronically stressed.

About this time, Adam found the practice of meditation. Within six months, his life had changed dramatically, opening into a much lighter, more joyful experience.

Having kicked his habit of stressful living, Adam began coaching others on how to do the same. Seeing a need for a proactive stance on stress and its detrimental effects, in 2011 Adam started a meditation-based stress reduction program at the LAPD dispatch center. The first of its kind, the program has helped over 100 dispatchers break free from chronic stress.

Through his company, ZenLife Services, Adams offers coaching and consultation services to high-stress organizations and the people who work in them. Adam is available for speaking engagements, presenting on the topics of Stress Awareness and Balanced Living. For more information or to book Adam for your next event, visit, or email

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About Ritu Hasan


Ritu Hasan is passionate about you living a financially worry-free life and creating more money! This passion is the reason she developed the website and Web TV show Essence of Money! Ritu will teach you how to implement the Law of Attraction (Like attracting Like) to bring abundance
and wealth into your lives.

Ritu’s background includes law, banking and energy healing. Her extensive education includes a JD and a Masters of Law in Banking and Financial Law.

She has practiced at high profile law firms and in Corporate America for the past ten years. Through her professional career, she has represented a variety of very successful clients and has gotten a “behind the scenes” perspective on how these major institutions build their wealth. At the same time, she became a certified Reiki Master Healer (Reiki is an energy-based healing modality), which enabled her to understand how energy works. Her perspective comes from money attraction from blending these two worlds, and now she wants to share it with you through 1:1 coaching and informational material available on her website.


For more details on what Law of Attraction is and how to apply it to building wealth, please follow Ritu’s weekly blogs and monthly webisodes at

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About Dallas Travers

Dallas Travers – Actor’s Advocate and Award-Winning Author

Dallas Travers is a certified life coach and entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience learning and implementing marketing and mindset strategies that really work. Dallas shares all of her knowledge with dedicated actors who want to feel as confident about their business of acting as they do about their craft of acting.

Dallas also coaches students to self-produce their own projects, create fruitful relationships with their representation and industry fans, and build successful side businesses that support their acting pursuits while putting money in the bank.

Author of international award-winning book, The Tao of Show Business, Dallas has been a guest on numerous radio shows, and written for several actor-focused publications.

Dallas Travers loves working with actors. Acting is the gift actors give to the planet, and actors put yourself out there everyday to tell stories that make people think differently.


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