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Introducing the Life Redesign Queen:


“Coaching Leaders and Entertainers to design your life with clarity and confidence and emerge into the Super-Star that you are!”

Nekisha-Michelle Bakre, MSW, is a best-selling author, life coach and president of Vivacious Living International. Her book, Breaking Invisible Chains, Gaining the Confidence to Redesign Your Life details her triumphant personal story of childhood abuse, teen pregnancy, depression, and anxiety.

Despite having a baby at 14 years old, being traumatized by a physically and verbally abusive mother, and feeling neglected by an absent father, Nekisha-Michelle earned a masters degree in Social Work. However, her low confidence caused her to accept low paying jobs and was laid-off on several occasions leaving her and her child homeless. With her last lay-off in 2003, she gained the courage to reinvent and redesign her life with her last $98.00 and as a result she became a profitable entrepreneur and built a life coaching enterprise.

Bubbly, energetic and passionate are words that describe Nekisha-Michelle’s keen intuitive ability to help leaders and entertainers uncover their personal truth, take control and reinvent their life on their terms. This acumen has earned her the title of the ?Life Redesign Queen.? Her personal story has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Empowering Women Magazine and Victorious Magazine for which she was the May/June 2009 cover feature.

As a speaker, Nekisha-Michelle has captivated diverse audience populated with celebrities Lisa Raye, Ella Joyce and Denise Dowse, to women’s prisons, churches, non-profits, universities, and corporations across the country.

Nekisha-Michelle Bakre, MSW, president of Vivacious Living International consistently demonstrates resilience. In 2003 she took her last $98.00 and created a life coaching practice. This business supersizes the confidence and happiness of others struggling with the disappointing and challenging elements of self, relationships and professional growth.

Through her personal experiences she proves that adversity does not stop ones progress; she was a mother at the age of fourteen, she was abused as a child and she faced unemployment and homelessness. Her life is powerfully depicted in her bestselling book, Breaking Invisible Chains, Gaining the Confidence to Redesign Your Life. This book gives in-depth coaching principles to overcome self-hate, family dysfunction, fear and chronic unhappiness.

Recognized for her infectious energy and exuberant passion that radiates any setting, her wisdom and effective approach to redesigning a stagnated and unfulfilled life in 90 days or less has earned her the acumen of “The Life Redesign Queen”. In addition to life coaching she speaks at public and private events that offer highly diverse audiences from celebrities such as Lisa Raye, Ella Joyce, Denise Dowse to prisons, churches, non-profits, universities, and various corporations.

Nekisha-Michelle’s phenomenal success was rewarded by the Houston chapter of National Association for Female Executive (NAFE). She has appeared on Los Angeles top rated KTLA television news and Actors E Chat Show, she has been featured in Black Enterprise Magazine, Empowering Women Magazine and is a regular guest on countless national radio shows.

As the host of Happy Hour Live, a weekly social gathering she offers attendees the strategies and principles of happiness, love and money. The event complements her newly branded radio show entitled, ?The Happy Hour with Nekisha-Michelle & Friends? (formally Vivacious Living) which conveys that happiness doesn?t mean everything is perfect ?it just means you know how to look beyond the problem and be happy now, not later.

Since the airing of her popular weekly show on, Nekisha- Michelle has interviewed guest in the personal development and entertainment industry such as Mandy Blank, Lisa Nichols, AJ Johnson, Cindera Che, Joy Donnell, Cheryl Cooley of KLYMAXX, Rev. June Juliet Gatlin and Devin Alexander to name a few.

In addition, to her rewarding career as a life coach, speaker, host and author, she keeps her masters degree in social work active by serving as the Executive Director of Adoptions for Guardians of Love FFA in Los Angeles, CA where she resides.

For a life coaching session, media inquiries or speaking request contact: 323-596-1722 or visit


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