About Ingrid Katal

Ingrid E. Katal is living the life she’s always dreamed of.

As co-founder and CAO of Detection Logic Fire Protection Inc., Ingrid has designed innovative administrative operations and cutting-edge business procedures that have garnered respect nationwide. By incorporating her unique methods of training staff members, she has been able to pinpoint areas of personal behavior which have helped determine a better business path for all to excel upon. This has resulted in shorter training programs, higher productivity levels and even higher revenues. Her signature designs promote productive work environments and have helped the company grow into the largest independent Fire/Life Systems contractor in the United States, with over 470 employees and 12 branches nationwide and growing.

Despite her never ending schedule, she has managed to add design diva to her repertoire, creating exceptionally phenomenal offices and homes in the past 10 years. Designers rave that her style and functionality are very much like her books and her life, detailed, orderly, exciting and memorable.

Ingrid seamlessly balances her life as an executive, a wife and a mother of two at her home in Southern California, hoping to add ” Best Selling Author ” as the next moniker while she publishes and promotes her upcoming book, “what is your Honor Code?”

“What is your Honor Code” has already earned esteemed reviews from industry professionals and appears en route to the list of best sellers. No small accomplishment for a girl born into a family that escaped an oppressive Communist regime when she was just three. The Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 forced her family to flee to Canada. Raised in a strict household, her tall and striking frame always claimed her a seat in the rear of the class, and proved to create challenges both academically and socially.

As an introverted 12 year old, she developed an acute intuition, observing life while creating a filter through which she would receive, perceive and respond unlike others around her. Years of progressive ear infections plagued her during her early years, and by the age of 15 she’d lost 90% of her hearing, which was later corrected with surgery.

High school was a turning point where the older, bigger kids became her new friends and her confidence started blossoming through the creative arts such as drama, music and Royal Conservatory in both piano and voice.

Despite heartbreaking challenges early on, Ingrid has made extraordinary strides both personally and professionally. For the next two decades she worked with underprivileged children, earned a college degree and dove into the business world with her characteristic tenacity. There she reconstructed core operations and managed many corporations, assisting the companies’ subsidiaries maximize earnings. During this time, she developed long-term solutions that became a platform for her operations strategy and later on what would become her book’s premise. The idea of managing emotional behavior in all facets of life struck a chord with Ingrid and became the basis of her professional endeavors. She continuously improved and refined her work during the creation of Detection Logic, Inc. and realized the key element to successful operations is customer service; not only for clients and vendors but with employees, too. Creating opportunities where an employee could grow naturally and ultimately thrive was the key. Making management decisions based on factual information was vital as well. This process benefited both company and employee.

At the grand opening of 10 10 10, Ingrid started the HONOR CODE Studio, a division of Simply True Comminications, in Sherman Oaks Caliornia. This beautiful studio features, amongst many venues, publications, HONOR CODE Collection and teachings of Advanced Thinking Skills to Manage the Mind. Besides workshops and private sessions, Ingrid also unvieled Kangen Waterâ„¢ for prospective clients and business team memers. Connecting Mind, Body & Spirit under one roof is a great formula to making it all about you. It may be controversial, but she feels this is a true solution and the missing link to mind management. She has assisted many top executives, as well as children, men, women and married couples, who have overcome personal challenges to reach their maximum potential. The love of people and the hunger for answers and opportunity in this country are the driving forces behind Ingrid’s passion and faith in those that are ready to make the change and laugh continuously along the way.